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Daytime privacy film - One-Way Vision

What is One-way Vision?

One-way Vision is a product that transforms windows, it is most commonly used in the commercial sector for advertising or branding, but can have a brilliant decorative effect in the domestic setting.

To describe it in simple terms it is a vinyl film that is perforated with lots of small holes that allow you to see out, but restricts the vision in. This vinyl can have any graphic printed onto it to create a wonderful decorative image the people see, instead of being able to see through the window.


How does One-way Vision work?

One-way Vision works on light differential, this means that because it is lighter outside than it is inside people can’t see through it, and instead see the image. However, due to it getting darker at night and people turning on internal light sources the light differential does not work. This will cause the One-way Vision not to work at night.

Why One-way Vision?

One-way Vision provides privacy as well as some solar controls. This is very beneficial if you are overlooked or by a busy footpath where people can look in, which may cause you to have to keep blinds or curtains closed 24/7. With One-way Vision you can get the use of your window back with the knowledge and confidence that people can’t see you. It is also great if you have sun shining directly through your window at certain times of the day, although we offer another great alternative for this called solar film. The other great part of having One-way Vision installed is that you can have any personal graphic printed on it, whether this is a scenic photograph or your door number.

Full time privacy film - Frosted Film

What is Frosted film?

Frosted film is a lot more basic than the One-way Vision, it is a product that has a frosted effect, as the name suggests. This means vision is restricted from both sides, but plenty of light an still pass through meaning the window will still be able to brighten the room.

Frosted film can be seen commonly used for shower doors or bathroom windows, due to the restricted vision from both sides, you get the privacy from people not being able to see you and also become more comfortable due to not being able to see out. 


How does Frosted film work?

As mentioned above, Frosted film is very basic in that it is translucent, in letting the light through, but vision is restricted from both sides. This means that privacy can be maintained on a full time basis, whether that is day or night.

Why Frosted film?

Frosted film is great for 24/7 privacy, in the day it will allow light to pass through and brighten the room and at night it maintains the privacy aspect. It is highly recommend for rooms such as bathrooms, both internally and externally, as blinds or curtains can be a nuisance in these kinds of spaces and privacy is fundamental. 

Solar film

What is Solar film?

Solar film is a tinted film the reduces the infrared that comes through the window, along with this it can also reduce the glare from the sun. It is a solution that stops the heat and glare at the window, where as blinds and curtains still allow the heat into the room.


How does Solar film work?

As touched on above, infrared is radiation from the sun that causes the heat, solar vision basically acts as a infrared filter therefore reducing the temperatures the room will reach. 

Why Solar film?

Solar film is ideal for windows that get direct sunlight and therefore get uncomfortably warm and suffer from the glare of the direct sunlight, a perfect example of where Solar film is most effective is conservatories. Solar film can make rooms and conservatories that you would normally avoid on the hottest days, a lovely place to chill out again. 

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