Many people will be overlooked by other houses or looked in on from a busy path or road, this ultimately results in blinds or curtains being permanently closed, even during daytime hours. The Window Privacy Company offer a simple and cost effective solution with the use of window privacy films, with these films you can maintain your privacy whilst still having full use of your window. 
There are two types of privacy films that we can supply and/or install:
The One-Way Vision film comes as white, but can also be supplied with images to maintain the aesthetics of your home. Also, these films can be fitted for you or supplied for your very own DIY job.
The Frosted film comes as seen, again with the option of them being fitted for you or supplied for you to fit yourself.
We also offer a Solar Film, this is a film that creates a tinted effect but can still be seen through. I works to block the infrared in the sunlight and so cools the room internally, stopping a greenhouse effect. 

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